Below are Study Skills Institute policies that guide our LearntoLearn Summer Courses .




Payment Policy

  • Reservations: Seats are reserved on a first come first served basis, based on when funds (full tuition or deposits) are received. Payments can be made instantaneously online or sent by mail.

  • Tuition: Tuition includes all course materials including Textbook ($30 value), enrollment in the Study Skills Institute ($35 value) and all course materials (notebook, paper, pens, etc). Course tuition covers the course only and NOT parking or transportation fees. Room and board is not offered.

Refund Policy

Refund Policy

  • Full refunds. Full refunds are not available except in cases of family emergency or unpreventable circumstances that make it impossible to attend the course. Refund requests can be emailed. Requests are processed after the summer courses are complete.

  • Prorated Refunds. In the event that a student completes part of the course and then must withdraw for a reason mentioned above, then a prorated refund may be made available. The reservation fee (usually $135) is non-refundable once the course starts. The refund of the balance is based on the remaining tuition (usually $200 less discounts) prorated weekly.  Prorated weekly means that if a student attends a single class during a week, then it counts as a full week of attendance. 

  • Applied Tuition. Any non-refunded tuition can be applied to a future course. For example, if you enroll on our summer course and choose to do another great camp that can only be done at the same time, then you are not entitled a refund. However, the course can be taken at a later date at no extra charge.

Scholarships & Discounts

Scholarships and Discounts

  • Scholarships: The Learn-to-Learn Course has traditionally offered scholarships to students with financial need. scholarships are in the form of a tuition discount and from $50 to $200 off the full tuition price. Like all students, a scholarship student's seat is reserved when deposit or tuition balance is received.

  • Discounts: Various discounts are available to encourage registering early.

    • Early Registration Discounts. Early registration discounts are often $35-60 off the full tuition, if the full tution (less the discount) is remitted by the appropriate deadline indicated in coinciding promotional materials.

    • Multiple Family Members: Those registering more than one family member reveive a 33% discount for the second child and another 33% for a third. For example, if tuition is $300, then it is $200 for the second student and $100 for the third

    • Group Rates: If you are part of a group coordinating the enrollment of mutiple students, contact us for details about possible tuition breaks.


Student Behavior:

  • Our summer courses are for students who want to improve in schools. Students need to enter the class with a reasonably open mind and a willingness to work and follow instructions. Instructors expect serious effort.

  • Students are expected to exhibit commonly acceptable school behavior, which includes following the directive of the instructor and not engaging in horseplay or any violent, threatening, illegal, insulting, vulgar or unacceptable behavior.

  • The instructor reserves the right to dismiss student from class for extremely disruptive behavior or repeatedly disruptive behavior that includes interruptions and refusal to attempt work.

  • The instructor reserves the right to dismiss a student from the course immediately for poor behavior with the understanding that the student will know how to contact his or her parents to arrange to return home.

  • It is not the responsiblity of the instructor or the Study Skills Institute, LLC to monitor students before or after classes or after a student has been dismissed from the class or from the course. It is not the responsiblity of the instructor or the Study Skills Institute, LLC ensure that a student attends class, returns from a break or stays for the duration of a class (e.g. The instructor and company are not reponsible for a student who fails to return to class after a break or brings a fake note indicating a need leave class early.)

  • Students are allowed on occasion to leave class during breaks to get water, go to the bathroom or "Stretch the legs". Such breaks are not supervised. Students may choose not to take breaks.




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